Lynn Kinnaman – Writer, Web Designer, Tech-Savvy Woman

I am a writer of non-fiction, traditional mysteries and woman’s fiction primarily. But, of course, a writer writes, so I have also published greeting cards, written product descriptions, and once wrote for a subdivision – complete with a backstory and naming the streets!

Lynn Kinnaman Author Writer Web Designer

I’ve also written video and podcasting scripts, catalog copy, and short stories.

However, my writing focus is on fiction and non-fiction books, and I’ve published both through publishers and independently. Read more about these by clicking on one of these links: Fiction Books, Non-Fiction Books, Short Stories, Anthologies, Articles & Other Writings.

Every year, for the past 5 years, I’m honored to be a judge for the North Texas RWA Great Expectations contest. I’ve also judged in the ACFW First Impressions contest.

I teach online and in person, believing that by giving you the tools, you can determine what you want to do yourself and what you’d like to have me do for you. Read more about that on my Teaching & Classes page.

Lynn used to tell mystery and adventure stories under a treeWhen I was young, my desire to teach led me to college to become an elementary teacher (BA in English), but my love of reading, and writing, pre-dates that by a long shot.

In elementary school I’d make up stories for the neighborhood kids, gathering them in the front yard, under our tree, and weaving tales of mystery and adventure on the spot. It was fun, but also a great education in how to keep their attention. When I’d see it wander – BOOM – I’d drop my protagonist through a trap-door or discover a secret tunnel.

My first mystery series will be launching soon. If you’d like to be notified, simply subscribe to my periodic newsletters by clicking here. In these, I’ll keep you informed of upcoming books, as well as signings, appearances and – best of all – insider info on characters, stories and details that aren’t in the books themselves. I promise to do my best to keep you entertained, informed, and current.

Technology intrigues me, and I love learning and perfecting my skills in that area – and enjoy helping others along the way. I build websites and do marketing/promotion for small businesses and individuals such as writers, artists, photographers and others who are looking for personalized application, responsive consideration and enthusiastic support.

I’m the editor and founder of SWMontana Magazine, and host a free Calendar of SW Montana Events.

If you are in the Bozeman Montana area, or would like an excuse to visit us, please sign up for the latest news about my Get Published Conference for Writers held annually (usually spring or early summer).